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Crowbar 4ft x 1.1/4" Chisel & Point

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Crowbar 6ft x 1.1/4" Chisel & Point A crowbar, also called a wrecking bar, pry bar or prybar, pinch-bar, or occasionally a prise bar or prisebar, and more informally or known to non-American nations such as Britain and Australia as a jimmy It is used as a lever either to force apart two objects or to remove nails. Crowbars are commonly used to open nailed wooden crates, remove nails, or pry apart boards. Crowbars can be used as any of the three lever classes but the curved end is usually used as a first-class lever, and the flat end as a second class lever. In mining, crowbars are used to break and remove rock, but not as much in modern mining.

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